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Team Science

Team Science "is a new interdisciplinary field that empirically examines the processes by which large and small scientific teams, research centers, and institutes organize, communicate, and conduct research."

Team Science Definition

COALESE Team Science

University of Arizona Knowledge Map (KMAP)

Global Networks

(Meta list) Open Scholarship Grassroots Community Networks


Center for Scientific Collaboration and Community Engagement (CSCCE)

Center for Open Science (COS)

Eclipse Science Working Group


Global Open Science Cloud


Open Access Working Group

Open Research Funders Group

Open Science Foundation

Open Science Network


R OpenSci

Research Data Alliance (RDA)

The Turing Way

UNESCO Global Open Science Partnership

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)




Cinda Lab

South Africa

Africa Open Science Platform


The Alan Turing Institute (Turing Way)

University of Manchester Open Research


Center for Open Science

CI Compass - provides expertise and active support to cyberinfrastructure practitioners at USA NSF Major Facilities in order to accelerate the data lifecycle and ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the cyberinfrastructure upon which research and discovery depend.

Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) Federation - is a 501©(3) nonprofit supported by NASA, NOAA, USGS and 130+ member organizations.

Internet2 - is a community providing cloud solutions, research support, and services tailored for Research and Education.

Minority Serving Cyberinfrastructure Consortium (MS-CC) envisions a transformational partnership to promote advanced cyberinfrastructure (CI) capabilities on the campuses of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs), and other Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs).

NASA Transform to Open Science (TOPS) - coordinates efforts designed to rapidly transform agencies, organizations, and communities for Earth Science

The Quilt - non-profit regional research and education networks collaborate to develop, deploy and operate advanced cyberinfrastructure that enables innovation in research and education.


New Zealand Open Research Network - New Zealand Open Research Network (NZORN) is a collection of researchers and research-associated workers in New Zealand.

Australia & New Zealand Open Research Network - ANZORN is a network of local networks distributed without Australia and New Zealand.

Last update: 2024-02-28