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porder: Simple CLI for Planet ordersV2 API   Tweet

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Please note: This is in no way an official tool, or Planet offering. Created by Samapriya Roy. Owned and maintained by Tyson Swetnam

Ordersv2 is the next iteration of Planet's API in getting Analysis Ready Data (ARD) delivered to you. Orders v2 allows you to improved functionality in this domain, including capability to submit an number of images in a batch order, and perform operations such as top of atmospheric reflectance, compression, coregistration and also enhanced notifications such as email and webhooks. Based on your access you can use this tool to chain together a sequence of operations. This tool is a command line interface that allows you to interact with the ordersv2 API along with place orders and download orders as needed. The tool also allows you to chain multiple processes together and additional functionalities will be added as needed. For exporting to cloud storages release 0.0.8 onwards has a configuration folder with config yml structures to be used with this tool. Simply replaces the fields as needed.

If you use this tool to download data for your research, and find this tool useful, star and cite it as below

Samapriya Roy, Tyson L. Swetnam, Isabella (Izzi) Hinks, Ryan Avery, David Shean, Anthony Lukach, & Scott Henderson. (2021, July 7).
tyson-swetnam/porder: porder: Simple CLI for Planet ordersV2 API (Version 0.8.3). Zenodo.