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Current Projects

I have served as Principal Investigator (PI) and co-Principal Investigator (co-PI) on over a dozen funded projects in the last 15 years.


NSF-0735191 NSF-1265383 NSF-0735191 NSF-1743442

For the last six years I have worked for the CyVerse project. I started as a Science Analyst. I am now Co-PI and lead of the Science Team.


NSF-1939945 NSF-1940059 NSF-1940062 NSF-1940330

I am co-PI on a NSF Harnessing the Data Revolution collaborative research project using Genomics, Phenomics, and Environmental data with machine learning.


NSF-2054514 NSF-2054515 NSF-2054516

I am co-PI on a NSF collaborative research project to refactor dendrochronological software written in Fortran, C, and R into Python, and to ensure reproducibility and community engagement.

Current projects assisted


NSF-2134892 NSF-2040542

I am senior personnel, assisting on a new NSF Convergence Accelerator in Machine Learning with sub-surface hydrological research.



I am senior personnel, assisting on a community conversation about collaboration in data science.

NIFA Genome2Fields


I am senior personnel on Genome 2 Fields: High Intensity Phenotyping at Scale (HIPS) project with Dr. Eric Lyons at UArizona, in collaboration with Iowa State University.


NIFA-1019752 NIFA-1027030

Also with Iowa State University, I am senior personnel on FACTS: a scalable cyber ecosystem for acquisition, curation, and analysis of multispectral UAV image data. Both NIFA G2F and FACTS projects link with CyVerse to help develop an AI Institute for Agricultural Resilience (AIIRA) at Iowa State University.


Assessing the Climate Change Mitigation Potential of Diverse Vegetation Types in the PinaleƱo Mountains, Arizona